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Bring Playful Back

Complicated, technical, busy… words I often used to describe my life. There was a time when I would wake in the morning feeling like the air around me was whispering promises of a big storm heading my way.  It was not true, of course, I live in Colorado and, yes, we...

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Slow Down

New for all time, new for this day, or new in this moment. Starting something new takes energy.   Usually starting with an emotion or curiosity, moving into an end-result vision, planning, and finally execution.  Rushing any one of these steps can mean a cumbersome...

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Expectations versus reality... When the difference between those two is the size of the Grand Canyon, upset can occur.   In that moment I can feel my heart drop, my temperature rise, and depending on the situation, either the tears start coming or a rush of angry...

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Acceptance… a word, for me that would often show up like a daunting sound too far away for me to clearly understand, let alone grasp and incorporate.   Acceptance… a way of being with self-compassion I am often tested on.   I have been skilled at dancing around the...

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Sleeping Soundly

Summer Solstice… the longest day of the year, which of course, means the shortest night.  Seriously, can the nights get shorter?  So many times my sleep was distrurbed by any number of things, as if the sandman had completely forgotten my address or was testing my...

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Anyone who knows me knows I have a loud voice.  And by “loud” I mean several things.  I like being in leadership roles.  I enjoy public speaking.  My voice carries well in a crowded room. When my boundaries are clear I have no problem standing firm with them (which is...

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