Sawubona Ranch Littleton Colorado

Sawubona Ranch Professional Use

Annie Young
Certified Equine Gestaltist®

10007 S. McKinney Rd, Littleton, CO 80127


Sawubona Ranch currently supports Gestalt Coaching!

  • Certified Gestalists® have a fully equipt coaching area that supports individual work as well as groups up to 12 clients.
  • Coming soon – a second structure is nearing completion and will also support individual work as well as groups or workshops up to 18 clients.
  • Excitement coming – Once construction hits it’s final stages, Sawubona Ranch will be home to 4-6 horses, thus bringing Equine Gestalt to the clients it serves.

Ten minutes from a major freeway and nestled in Dear Creek Canyon, Sawubona Ranch is Littleton’s biggest secret!

Designed to be every bit as magical as it’s surroundings, each building has been, and is being, mindfully constructed to bring elegance and nature together in one spot.

Call for availability of facilities for Therapeutic Gestalt Sessions, Retreats, Workshops, & Events

Sawubona Ranch is accepting reservations for hosting Gestalt coaching sessions for practitioners as well as for events such as retreats, workshops, weddings, etc.

Sawubona Ranch is conveniently located 10 minutes from hotel lodging and local restaurants.

Come for the personal transformation and fall in love with the magic of the property.

Photos of Sawubona Ranch

Whether you are a first time visitor or a returning guest, you will feel like you have finally arrived home!  A place that accepts you for who you are and supports whoever you want to be. Here you can heal and grow surrounded by nature and the highest level of class.  Our resident wild turkey family or our sweet family of deer, who live on our land full of pine trees,  just might visit during one of your sessions!

Sawubona Ranch Colorado

Rustic Meets Elegant!

Sawubona Ranch Colorado
Sawubona Ranch Colorado

Welcome Home!

All Professionals wanting time for sessions MUST be qualified by Annie.

Contact Annie to find out how to get qualitifed.