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Published December 26, 2022
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I am always excited and honored when invited to interview and share my story.

This published interview focuses on the challenges I was facing personally while working as a Pediatric Dietitian specializing in children with special needs and medical complications.

The discussion delves into:

  • How I tapped into my network of professions to not only resolve my own issues, but also lend those connections (& what I learned through them) to my clients who felt the pain and aggrivation of navigating ‘the system”
  • How my previous career was the ideal starting point bringing me to where I am today as a Coach in Gestalt.

In this interview, you will learn more about how I can help you find the path to living your best life, too!

Annie Young in Canvas Rebel
Annie Young Voyage Denver

Published on August 23, 2022
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To learn more about my journey to becoming a Certified Equine Getatlist® through study of the EGCMethod® program at Touched By A Horse®. this published interview is a must read!

Its no secret that we ALL face challenges and understanding how our past impacts our present is one of the keys to mastering the ability to be our best selves, living our best lives.

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Published April 30, 2022
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It was a great privilege to be invited to be interviewed by my mentor, Melisa Pearce, founder of Touched By A Horse®, lifelong horsewomen, accomplished psychotherapist and Master Gestaltist.

Together we explore the power of vision, the creation of Sawubona Ranch, and what to expect when you come to visit.I love sharing with the world my reasons for creating a space to support parents and help fellow coaches to reach their clients.

Please, listen and reach out if you have questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you because…ALL parents need support!!


 April 27,2022
Touched By A Horse
(length:  31.09 minutes)

PodCast - Annie Young - Touched by a Horse

November 30, 2021
The Business Animal
(length 35.21 minutes)

PodCast - Annie Young - The Business Animal