“Who Am I Now” Group Sessions!

Spring 2024

Next Start Date: April 16, 2024

How would it feel to have a judgement-free space to be you??

Groups Starting April 16, 2024


The “Who Am I Now” Gestalt group provides unimaginable support and acceptance of who you are at the core. While being witness to others and their process, you will gain insight to your own true self. There is a gift in supporting another in sorting through their barriers in life as well as the gifts that come from receiving their support.


  • Getting Started
    Sign up online or during your 15 minute consultation call. Pick a 3-session ($135) package or reserve your seat for 6 sessions ($270). Once all 8 seats are filled this group will be closed.

  • Mark Your Calendar
    This on-going group meets every other Wednesday evening at 6:00pm-8:30pm at Sawubona Ranch. Enrollment has begun. Start date is May 17th.

  • What To Expect
    This group will be looking at who you were before being a parent, who you are now, and who you want to be moving forward. You are so much more than a parent!

This is an on-going group. After the first paid sessions there will be an opportunity for renewal.

If you have a single scheduling conflict, do not let that stop you.

If you have several conflicts, please reach out as I already have an alternate plan in the works!

**Note: Unfortunately, this is a NON-equine group. Once construction is farther along, our equine partners will be joining us.**