My Specialties & Services

Private One-On-One Sessions
Group Sessions with other like-minded parents.

Finding The Courage to Become Your Best Self Can Be Easier Than You Think!

My Expertise Helps Parents With…

Feeling Depleted
Stress & Anxiety
Heavy Heart

Feeling Stuck/Trapped
Excessive Worry
Poor/Restless Sleep

Feeling Lost
Strained Relationships
Lacking Playfulness

Coaching Options


Sometimes life is a bit too complicated for an in-person session.  No worries! Phone/Zoom Sessions can be a powerful tool to igniting self discovery or keeping the already established momentum moving forward. Sessions are 30 or 55 minute slots.


One on one sessions are a great way to dive deep and look at sensitive emotions.  Individual sessions help the healing process in a way that is unique unto themselves. Sessions are 1.0 hour (no horse) or 1.5-2.0 hour (with horse).


Experience the magic of supporting others while discovering your own worth. Groups contain like-minded people who understand the hardship of parenting. Sessions meet every other week and are 2.5 hours in length.

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My Approach

Meeting each parent where they are at as they begin their journey of self exploration is very important to me. No two people are alike, and no one has the exact same experiences (or interpretation/perception of experiences).

Initial sessions will lay the foundation of understanding the uniqueness of each individual. From there, the parent begins exploring the areas of life and self they wish to redefine.

Equine Gestalt Coaching

Sessions do not involve riding.  EGCM is an approach that does not involve diagnostic labels or treatment plans. My sessions build from one to another, as most human emotions shift based on current happenings. Moving from one topic to a seemingly unrelated topic is the norm. The beauty of being human is that ALL parts make us whole. It may not be obvious at all time, but all topics we deem important enough to have a reaction to, are related.

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