Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Equine Coaching Method involve riding?

Equine Coaching Sessions do NOT involve riding. However, closed toed shoes are required to ensure feet safety while standing next to the horse. 

What should I wear?

Dressing in layers is encouraged as colorado weather can change at a moments notice. Know that we will be in a space that contains dirt and maybe a little horse poop. And don’t forget closed toed shoes for equine sessions!

How often are sessions?

Individual Phone/Zoom and In-Person sessions are scheduled based on the client’s needs from weekly, bi-monthly to monthly. Groups are scheduled either weekly or bi-monthly. Group memebers must commit to regular attendance as abscence of even one member throws off the continuity of the group.

What is the difference between Gestalt Coaching and Talk Therapy?

Talk therapy is when client and coach/therapist sit in a space and discuss the client’s life and happenings. Gestalt Coaching involves an experience to help a client finish unfinshed business from the past, or help them come to an awareness of themselves to promote change or decision making.

Do you see all parents or only parents of children with speical needs?

Though my past career lends me a speical understanding of parents with children with special needs, my heat belongs to ALL parents. As I move through time with my own three kids I am very aware of the stress that surrounds them and the pain and trauma I experience when they are struggling.

I Carefully Customize Coaching Packages.

There Is Something for Every Parent, Because Every Parent Needs Support!

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