Resourcefulness - Sawubona Ranch - Annie Young

As a mom I have always had a strong driving resolution to keep my children safe… as I hope every parent does.

When illness sets in, in the past, I would feel only slightly derailed. Shifting smoothly into a focused caretaking role, assessing whether or not a trip into the pediatricians office was necessary, letting a sore throat run its course for a couple of days, not treating or helicoptering over a low grade fever.  My other kids would go about their activities rarely thinking to check in with their sibling or ask about their progress.

Times have changed. Now at onset of a sore throat or low grade fever, general malaise or persistent headache a quiet chaos takes over.  There is an immediate rush for a doctor’s appointment, CoVid testing, and a “heads-up” call to every activity for every family member that we will be quarantined until results are back… or longer if it is positive. Things have gone from slightly derailed to full on derailed.

On the outside, it looks like calm boredom has set in as we wait for the news.  On the inside I feel turmoil for the impending outcome.  How am I going to catch up on everything that is being delayed? What if someone else gets sick? I’m sure you know the drill.

I have been through a few of these cycles now, mostly with negative CoVid results and recently with a positive one.  I have discovered something that I have known all along… so, RE-discovered really… That, yes, my decisions around illness have changed, and even though I feel it’s right to pull back from things until we know what we are dealing with, it does NOT have to mean my world will be upside down.  

It’s actually a gift!  A reason to slow down and take time for my family.  When I apply what I have learned through Gestalt, I can tap into creative resourcefulness and turn the unexpected time into a gift of time to work on the things I could never find time for before. I can CHOOSE to live in chaos or creativity! 

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