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School Is Starting Again!

All of my kids are in the Jr/Sr High School…which, of course means I have three teenagers.  I’ve been watching them very closely this year and the emotions surrounding the start of school are different than in years past. 

The cloud of last years’ crazy CoVid uncertainty has surely left it’s mark.  Despite their exceptional ability to try and keep me from any worry, I’m none the less seeing that my kids are not 100% carefree now.  Instead, they are moving forward with an edge of fear regarding their personal safety.  It pains me to know that a “part of self’ has awakened a bit too early in their young lives. 

Many times we are unaware of which parts of our whole we are drawing on at any given moment.  Being unaware keeps us at the mercy of whoever shows up for each situation we find ourselves in…even if it is not in our best interest.

Much like when I ask my kids how they are, they each tell me they are “fine, totally normal, Mom”.  Thier unawareness of the shift they have made means they are also unaware that they are no longer playing full out in life as this age group should be doing.

As a Certified Gestalt Momma Bear, I see it!  Having developed my own sense of self allows me to see theirs and from this space I am a better support for them.

Developing The Skills To Manage “Parts Of Self”

Events that happen to us as teenagers, or even earlier in life, mold us and shape how we react in the world.  While I struggled for a long time dealing with my personal past traumas and hurts, those memories no longer impact how I engage with the outside world.   

Because of my Gestalt experience, I can now SEE, LOVE, and CONTROL those pained parts of self… they no longer show up unexpectedly and impact the present moment.

It is only because of the Gestalt Coaching I embraced for myself a few years ago, that I can fully recognize “I’m totally fine” isn’t really the case for my kids.

So my question for you is:   As a parent, how aware are you of YOUR “parts of self”?     

It is an undebatable reality that the better we know, understand and can control our own selves, the better we can support our children, enabling them to grow into the confident, self-aware and self-controlled people they’re meant to be.

How Can You Do It?

Are you wondering:  How do I build that muscle?
Well, no worries!  I can help you!

Swaubona Ranch EGCM sessions are a one-of-kind approach to healing the wounds that hold you prisoner to your past, and keep you from giving the best of yourself to yourself, and your family.

It’s Easier Than You Might Think!

Please reach out to me to learn more.  I welcome and encourage you to take advantage of my Free 15 minute consultation to discuss how EGCM can help you the same way it helped me!

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