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Sadly, the neighbors directly next door moved.  Luckily the sweet young family that moved in their place are very kind and, though we haven’t gotten to know them much given the winter weather, I am hopeful we will love them as well.

Also new with this family are their dogs.  One older, I believe a mixed bread, doesn’t spend much time outside especially with the colder temperatures.  Their second dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, is quite talkative. Well, ok, that was putting it mildly. 

The little bugger can be heard barking incessantly at anything that moves and anything that does not, all while hardly taking a breath…his obvious superpower.

When he gets really revved up the older lady behind us comes out to her back fence and peers over sending hate daggers with her eyes that bounce off his invisible force field unnoticed…another one of his superpowers. 

This makes me laugh despite my own irritation of having listened to his high pitched voice for quite some time.

Having heard the story from the new family of all the things they have, and are, trying to do to stop the constant barking, I have more patience than the lady behind us.  And to be honest, the whole thing seems familiar to me.

Whether it is the parallel of parenting when I would try adjusting my techniques in the hopes of teaching my child a new mindset that would alter an undesirable behavior…and it not work….all while worried that any onlooker is judging me and my child. 

Or if this scenario is an outside reenactment of a nagging voice inside my head that I have not been able to muzzle. 

The unkind voice, my internal onlooker, beating me down no matter how hard I try or how successful I am…it is never good enough.

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Sometimes, in the midst of doing our best to alleviate a situation our inner critic and judge are louder than any onlooker could be. We feel like others are judging us, and honestly, maybe they are. But…taking their reaction as your responsibility while trying to overcome the difficulty is a daunting task. So, do your best to solve what can be solved and let the judge and jury take a vacation.

Self confidence and self compassion are not easy to keep a firm grip on. If you know you could be a lot stronger in one of these areas, call me! 

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