Overwhelm - Annie Young - Sawubona Ranch - Littleton CO

When I hear myself whining about the chaos in my life, I become not only exhausted, I also become overwhelmed. 

It does not take long for the exorbitant amount of energy chaos brings to be stopped short by the paralyzing effects of overwhelm. And like a pressure cooker, I feel like I am going to explode.

Prior to having the tools to manage this way of being, my body began giving me warning signs I did not understand….frequent bladder infections, pain in my legs and feet, headaches, mood swings, inflammation in my hands, and ultimately cancer cells.  Thinking the chaos was beyond my control and certainly not something I personally created…I was lost.  Honestly, I did not know what I could do.

I sought the company of my horses, as it was very obvious that overwhelm melted away when they were near.  And then I found Gestalt!  

Gestalt taught me how to manage both chaos (self-imposed or not) and overwhelm.  It taught me how to live in the moment…my moment…not someone else’s drama fest.  Now my body is healing…with healthy cells…and overwhelm is not allowed in.

Now that I have the tools for myself I happily share them with others.

Gestalt changed my life and I would love to talk with you to find out how you can use these tools in your life too. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation, let’s talk and find your path to a calmer way of being.