Structures and Superpowers

My husband and I drove to Salida Colorado, a little town snuggled in a valley surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. On our way there, I noticed several logged structures that, over time, have become skeletons of their former selves. Since childhood I have loved this kind of car ride. Rides that reveal these treasures from a distant past.

Same as in my childhood, I wondered what stories they could tell. Some could speak about people that used to live inside, comforting and caring for each other. Others about the animals they sheltered from winter storms. In my mind’s eye, I could see the beauty of sunflowers growing happily around them in their youth.

Now, they stand…some at a slant…some with missing pieces…and yet, still proud…a reminder of someone’s joy, someone’s pains, someone’s lessons, someone’s life.

Also, as a kid I would daydream about having a superpower that when I clapped my hands those same old structures would be transformed back to their days of origin so I, and others, could see them in all their shiny glory.

As I drove along the road this time, I realized that those early days were not their days of glory. Glory doesn’t come from being new and shiny. Glory comes after years of weathering the storms, from giving shade in the burning rays of mountain summer sun, from providing safety when a bear or mountain lion trespassed too close. The wear and tear, the missing pieces and splintered boards that cause the lean…THESE are their glory days…the proof is that they are still standing.

As for me, now grown, I got my wish, only my superpower is not to restore old structures, but rather, to help others to mend their splinters, find their missing parts, and to realize that the storms they have weathered are what give them the strength and power to stand fully immersed in their own glory.

These can be YOUR glory days too. What are you waiting for?

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