Anyone who knows me knows I have a loud voice.  And by “loud” I mean several things. 

  • I like being in leadership roles. 
  • I enjoy public speaking. 
  • My voice carries well in a crowded room.
  • When my boundaries are clear I have no problem standing firm with them (which is something Gestalt taught me).

Where my voice is the loudest is in my own head.  Self talk is a daily ritual for me much like sunshine. Some days it might have a blanket of clouds muting out its volume and yet I know on the other side of those clouds, the sun is still sending down its rays relentlessly.  

Self-talk can be helpful and can be hurtful.

The volume on my hurtful self talk goes up, without fail, as my desire for everything to be perfect rises. My logical side realizes that “perfect” is an illusion and yet my self-talk tells me I have failed if I do not achieve whatever flawless outcome I am trying to create.  This kind of internal dialogue has created roadblocks to my future success.  While in them, I find myself stuck spinning my wheels in perfectionism and making no progress.

Gestalt has taught me how to voluntarily choose what kind of self talk can be in my head and when. Slowing down and becoming aware of things I tell myself broke down those roadblocks.  

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