Intuition - Sawubona Ranch - Annie Young

Have you ever noticed  your dog staring at the corner of a room but nothing is there? 

Have you ever turned to say something when another walks in the room behind you and discovered no one actually came in?

Unexplainable energy is all around us.  And though modern science has no way to measure that energy, somehow you “know”, the corner of the room your dog was so keenly aware of, was NOT empty.  Perhaps, someone DID enter the room behind you.  Unable to be proven, you are told it was your imagination.  And yet many of those scientists that insist it was nothing, also believe in God.  We look for symbols and signs to “prove” our Faith.  

What would our world be like if we did the same for our intuition?

What would we learn, who would we be if we slowed down and experienced the energy in the shadows and trusted what our own intuition so desperately wants to share?

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