Expectations - Annie Young - Equine Gestaltist - Colorado

Expectations versus reality…

When the difference between those two is the size of the Grand Canyon, upset can occur.  

In that moment I can feel my heart drop, my temperature rise, and depending on the situation, either the tears start coming or a rush of angry words I may or may not regret letting out on loud speaker.

Looking back throughout my life, I have noticed that both are reactions I allowed to wash over me like the raging waters of a fast moving river; personal control and the ability to think clearly were gone in an instant.  The aftermath often was something that needed repair or, like relationships, gone forever.

Through the teachings of my horses, I have learned to draw on trust and patience.  I have learned to stay in the moment and listen. I now quietly observe what they are telling me and respond to their cues. These new skills have given me the gift of response instead of react. Thus requiring little need for repair and no lost relationships.

My horses and I can
help you find the
same gift from within yourself. 

Don’t wait… Life is too short!
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