Life offers all of us challenges, and parents of children who require a specialized support team are particularly vulnerable to feeling lost or alone, even when regularly surrounded by a lot of people who are there to help.

EGCM Supports Parents Of Children Who Struggle

It is the same for every parent whose child experiences challenges.  In the beginning, it’s a crazy flurry of people who visit to provide treatment and instructions.  Then, as time goes on, the child’s medical team and visits shrink to few and far between.  This progress surely quiets the sense of “chaos” somewhat, but one thing that doesn’t reduce – and actually intensifies – is the parent’s feeling of loneliness.

Doctors and other Medical Professionals who are focused on a child’s health do exactly that – focus on what is necessary to fortify a child’s health.  That means parents are commonly left feeling overwhelmed with instructions and daily duties essential to maintain or improve their child’s well-being. 

It’s important that parents of children who struggle medically, emotionally, socially, or mentally understand that having a child who struggles is a trauma in and of itself.  And, addressing the effects of trauma is universally set to the side or ignored altogether as it’s common and normal for parents to feel there are just too many other ‘more important things’ to concentrate on. 

The fact is, when your child is suffering, you will always and inevitably place your own needs, desires and feelings at the very bottom of your priority list for the sake of your child.

My career as a Pediatric Dietician exposed me to the impact trauma has on parents as individuals.  This realization inspired a shift in my career.  While I knew I was providing necessary support for the child during that time in my life, I could also see that the needs of parents were NOT being addressed.  I deeply longed to do something about that.

During the times in my own life when I most needed support, I had people who were there for me.  However, the sense of disconnection from myself – and the pain around whatever was happening – kept me from actually FEELING supported and engaged with others.  It was not until I found Gestalt Coaching and started my own healing that I began truly feeling supported and understood.  I am now a Certified EGCM Coach, and devoted to helping parents overcome the inherent sense of loneliness and detachment that comes with having a child who struggles.

Trauma can strike at any stage of parenting.  And healing from the trauma means feeling connected again.

I welcome you to reach out to me and explore how EGCM Private or Group Sessions can help you regain your sense of strength and connection to yourself.  Feeling lost and alone is fixable… My horses and I are here to help.

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