Sawubona Ranch - Sleeping Soundly by Annie Young EGCM Coach

Summer Solstice…

the longest day of the year, which of course, means the shortest night.  Seriously, can the nights get shorter?  So many times my sleep was distrurbed by any number of things, as if the sandman had completely forgotten my address or was testing my ability to slow down, settle my mind, surrender and trust.  

There are those words again…surrender and trust…

every time I would think I had developed a concrete skill set and moved on from the lessons demanding surrender and trust another ball of anxiety would arrive, zapping my energy and stealing any shred of peace.

Learning the techniques that come from training in the ways of Gestalt, I now have the tools  needed to develop the muscle to surrender and trust without struggle whenever needed. 

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When was the last time you slept soundly, with peace? 

  • Do you find yourself repeating the events of the day?
  • Questioning how you worded something or if what you chose was right or wrong? 

If so, we should chat. The tools and techniques that you can use will make for a more peaceful night’s rest and happier morning. I have group sessions coming up as well as some openings for individual sessions. Give me a call or schedule a free consultation and we can explore how you too can learn to surrender and trust.