Change or not to change?  That can be a tricky question.  I have heard people around me make comments on the subject and my curiosity is always curious to ask more questions. 

“I like change” is a statement I have heard from some.  Often I’m surprised by who said it as it came out of the same people who were completely distraught over a shift in their world many times over.  Hmmmmm…. what kind of change were they referring to when they said they like it? 

Perhaps a gentle change like the rearranging of furniture or changing to gingersnaps instead of cutout gingerbread men cookies during the holidays.  NOT the big kind of change that blows in like a northern winter wind and takes the side of a building down. That kind of change may NOT have been accepted with an open mind and heart in the past.

Understanding subtle differences in your personality in terms of change can bring a whole new light on how you deal with shifts in your world.

Changes can be exciting and can be scary.  Buying a new house is by far more on the exciting side of life than a sudden loss of a job.  The real question is how do you handle changes?  And do you feel you have a choice over how you handle them?  The more you know about yourself, the more choices you have in your responses to life’s surprise changes.

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