EGMC Group Sessions Sawubona Ranch

Imagine a life where you no longer feel lonely, but empowered and strong instead!

EGCM Group Sessions at Sawubona Ranch offer a safe, non-judgemental space to explore and heal.

Learning to expand your self-awareness can help you understand the role your past experiences play in your current unhappiness.  It is fixable, and it starts with EGCM at Sawubona Ranch.

We all have traumas and pain that hinder our ability to consistently feel we are living our best life.  Gestalt therapy is not re-living moments in the past that have wounded you.  It is instead an approach that enables us to complete past events in the present moment to resolve anger, pain, anxiety and other negative feelings.  It’s more than simply discussing events.  It’s finally putting them to rest forever and thus allowing your ideal self to step forward.

What Can You Expect in an EGCM Group Session?

Being a part of a group where everyone understands the same issues fosters opportunity for true transformation.  So much can be learned about ourselves when we witness others experiencing healing, as well as our own.  Annie Young, Certified EGCM Coach, carefully customizes each Group to ensure the participants are optimally like-minded to produce the best possible Session experience and outcome.  EGCM Group Sessions at Sawubona Ranch consist of up to 10 people and Annie carefully customizes each group.

Parents with children who struggle can often feel isolated and judged.  This can be instensified by unresolved issues in the past.  EGCM Group Sessions bring together people with similar struggles into transformation and enlightenment.  You will not only experience your own healing, but you will participate in and witness the healing of others with similar challenges.  It is a genuinely magical experience for everyone.

EGCM Group Sessions at Sawubona Ranch are forming now!

Annie Young invites you to contact her to discuss how EGCM can help you begin living a life that is free of negative internal noise that impacts your your ability to live in peace, productivity and passion.

Indulge your curiosity of what life can be like for you when you’ve healed past trauma!