Gratitude and Awareness - Sawubona Ranch EGCM

“What are you grateful for today and why?”

It is a question my listening partner and I ask each other every day and have for nearly 2 years.

On some days the answer rolls right off my tongue.  Other days, I take a long pause before answering.  The “pause” has different energy depending on the day as well.  Sometimes it is empty and I’m frantically searching for a nugget of happiness I can shine a spotlight on. 

Other times it is so full I am struggling to choose only one to share with the listening ear on the other side of the phone.

Either way the question hits me, it is really good information I bring into my awareness.  I become acutely cognizant of what the center of my focus has been and how it influences my description of reality.

After a weekend of quarantine due to a family member getting CoVid, the members of my family who were not ill, were a bit flat in their energy.  We needed something to brighten our energy so I invited them all to come together and play a game. They all accepted my initiation.  So we sat, in the living room, at least 6 feet apart, fully masked and the laughter began.  I realized that it had been a very long time since we played a game together when it was not a holiday break.  The evening was a healing treasure.

It’s true that life cannot always be blissful.  I do believe, that with the right focus, those little nuggets can be found.

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