Breathe Calm Allow - Annie Young Equine Gestalt Coach - Colorado

Deep breathe in…hold 4 seconds…slow exhale.  

Wow, that sensation surprised me. I’m quite sure I’ve been breathing without stopping for many years, and yet that time my lungs ached during their required expansion, as if it had been days or months since my last deep resetting rib cage stretching breath.

The day ahead of me is filled with important deadlines.  Not one of them can be handed off to someone else.  Looking at my To-Do list it seems nearly impossible to complete everything in the rigid timeline that has been set. And my list doesn’t include all the things that surprisingly arise needing my on-the-spot attention.

Sound familiar?

In those moments, how I long to sip my coffee and let time trickle along.

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Deep breathe in…hold 4 seconds…slow exhale.  “I have all the time I need to complete what must be done.” I learned to mutter to myself to allow peace to begin to flow through my body. Sometimes it takes a few repetitions to bring myself back to the present moment and feel more calm.

The last couple of years have certainly tested my skill set around calming myself and allowing as many things to get done as I am humanally able to do in one day.  

I have developed the ability to slow down, identify the truly important, release myself from the rest, and stop both guilt and overwhelm from entering my world uninvited.

You can do this too!  Give the breathing technique a try. Include a statement that feels right to you or use the one I use. See how you feel after a few repetitions.  

Just because you do not currently see a different way of being does not mean there isn’t one!

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