Slow Down - Annie Young - Equine Gestaltist - Colorado

New for all time, new for this day, or new in this moment.
Starting something new takes energy.  

Usually starting with an emotion or curiosity, moving into an end-result vision, planning, and finally execution.  Rushing any one of these steps can mean a cumbersome and frustrating experience.

Whether you are trying a new recipe, buying a new soap for your child’s bath time routine, or considering a career shift, remember that slowing down can actually save you time.

For me, after becoming a parent, I was shocked at how much life sped up.  Time started passing at neck breaking speed and I struggled to get everything done on my to-do list.  Routine, routine, routine.  Routine meant efficiency.  Over time it also meant joy killer!

Take Time to slow down.  When I started developing the skill to do this, I realized that I made fewer mistakes…saving me time.  And I found that my routine actually lacked efficiency, mainly because I threw it together on the fly when my kids were brand new.  I also found that my to-do list was full of stuff I really did NOT need to do.

Slowing down gave me time to try new things big and small. It also gave me space to really think through my future. I love being a mom, AND I love being ME.  I found that I have a lot to offer the world beyond parenting.

Need help giving yourself permission to slow down? 

You might surprise yourself on how much you get done.

Through group sessions or individual coaching you can take time to slow down, meet others in similar situations as a parent and gain the tools to balance the things that you need to do with your joy in life.

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