Bring Playful Back - Annie Young - EGCM Coach - Colorado

Complicated, technical, busy…

words I often used to describe my life. There was a time when I would wake in the morning feeling like the air around me was whispering promises of a big storm heading my way. 

It was not true, of course, I live in Colorado and, yes, we get storms, but not everyday. Here the sun shines 350+ days of the year.  Nevertheless, the sensation would spur me out of bed already running before my feet hit the ground.

What was I running from? What was the cost of living with no space for calm reflection?

I was not willing to pause and explore these answers…I “needed’ to keep moving.

Do you ever feel this way?  

Do you ever wish you felt like you could pause and take a breath and it not feel like wasted time?  

What’s stopping you?  Oh, I’m sure your reasons to keep your current pace are valid and real.  What if you could do both?

What if you could take a minute and breathe just long enough to reflect on the breath? To slow your pace from a constant run to a moderate walk. I was able to and so are you. I have even brought play back into my life.  

Gestalt taught me how and

I can teach you too.  

My horses and I can help you bring balance to your life too!  

Call me 720-468-0068 or schedule a free consultation and let’s get started.