Overwhelm - Annie Young - Sawubona Ranch - Littleton CO


a word, for me that would often show up like a daunting sound too far away for me to clearly understand, let alone grasp and incorporate.  


a way of being with self-compassion I am often tested on.  

I have been skilled at dancing around the state of acceptance for quite some time. Giving the illusion of mastery with language and actions that suggest a fully equipped toolbox to support its existence. And all the while losing sleep as a result of its absence.

Through Gestalt, I have learned how to creatively slow life down, strengthen the muscle of acceptance and self compassion and found a way of life filled with joy and lightness.

Do you experience things in life that you cannot change, or choices that others make, weighing you down? Do you wish for a way to accept without sacrificing your own state of being?

Come spend some time with me and my horses and we can help you find your way to peaceful fulfillment.

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