Feeling Stuck Get Busy - Annie Young - Sawubona Ranch

Sometimes in life I find myself “stuck”.  And the more “stuck” I feel the more hurried my human gets.  Why does feeling stuck equate to getting busy? Somewhere in my past someone must have told me that action is the answer to everything.  I definitely get “busy” whenever my flow is disrupted.

 I have discovered that awareness is the key to change.  It’s like snoring!  When you snore you are asleep, unaware that your oxygen flow is not going smoothly.  Once it is brought into your awareness…someone tells you or you wake yourself up from it…then you can give thoughtful exploration into causes and how to correct the situation.

“Busy” is not the answer to every situation when life is unbalanced or not going as desired. Now that I am aware of my pull to “busy” myself, I can explore the cause and determine if that is the correct action to take.

So many areas of life require jumping off the “busy” train, quieting your human, and allowing peaceful answers to flow into your consciousness.  Slow down or you will miss it….. “it” being whatever you need!

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